Transforming your space by designing, creating and installing beautifully handcrafted kitchens and bespoke furniture.

You crave furniture that’s special and unique. That’s perfect because our clients love how we design and create everything from scratch. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’. Instead, every piece is handmade to reflect your style preferences and budget –– using traditional joinery techniques and the best classic and contemporary finishes. The result is bespoke furniture that’s distinctly different from even the best mass-produced or modular factory-produced furniture.

Look forward to enjoying handmade furniture that’s crafted to give decades of pleasure and performance. Virtually everything we make is manufactured by our own highly-skilled makers. They work directly with discerning private clients, interior designers and architects to design and make exquisite freestanding and fitted furniture, and specialist joinery. By the way, all the team are trained in every skill and process needed to realise your vision. For continuity and quality control, the same makers follow your project from briefing and design to manufacture, finishing and installation.


More to the point, what can we do for you? Our finely-honed capabilities mean we can do most things involved with bespoke kitchens, one-off furniture and specialist joinery. And all with the convenience of one friendly, skilled, scrupulously honest supplier:

  • Handmade luxury kitchens

  • One-off freestanding furniture

  • Bespoke fitted furniture

  • Special wooden staircases

  • Fitted studies

  • Tailored bookcases

Take a look at our portfolio to see what we do. Or contact us now to meet the team and experience the reality for yourself.



Picture your dream kitchen. Now imagine our creativity, integrity, practical skills and long experience brought together to realise that vision. As for everything we craft for you, imagine a kitchen designed from scratch to your specification – not just a really nice kitchen, but an aesthetic and functional masterpiece at the heart of your home.

Every dream is achievable. Imagine working with us on an amazing freestanding or fitted traditional painted kitchen. Or a unique space featuring the latest contemporary finishes. Imagine real-wood veneered cabinet interiors, solid half-blind drawers, extra deep-pan drawers or advanced self-healing finishes. And always with the intelligent, ingenious touches that distinguish our handmade kitchens.


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There’s attractive off-the-shelf furniture and there’s the special appeal of your unique custom-made piece – painstakingly crafted from scratch by our cabinet makers. Will it be an exquisite bedroom chest of drawers or a stunning contemporary TV cabinet? Whatever we design and make for you, look forward to a beautiful addition to your home – not just another ‘standard cabinet’.

As with all our furniture, kitchens and joinery, quality is everything from hand-picked solid woods and marine-grade birch plywood (no chipboard here), to fittings and finishes, such as contemporary fingermark-free Dead Matts and self-healing surfaces, as good as any in luxury furniture.

Now imagine the details distinguishing your bespoke furniture from others’ good-but-run-of-the-mill pieces. Envisage fully encapsulated cabinets with hidden screws, beautifully finished backs and painstakingly lipped-and-sprayed edges. Such details, even where you can’t see them, distinguish the truly-bespoke handmade furniture we’ll make for you.


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For over 20 years, we’ve specialised in much more than just ‘joinery’. Clients, ranging from local self-builders to award-winning international furniture brands, love our combination of traditional joinery skills with imaginative contemporary design and meticulous attention to detail.

Our in-house makers (the same people work on your project from design to delivery) are employed for their craft skills and innate flair for matching tradition with modern design ideas and finishes.

It’s unusual to find a furniture partner who can handle so many aspects of joinery and furniture making. Let your imagination run wild, visit us, talk to us and see how we’ll put substance behind intelligent, stylish design for your new kitchen, a bespoke cabinet or a custom staircase.


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