Welcome to 3rdEdition

Since the 1990s, we’ve built a successful bespoke kitchen, furniture and joinery company on passion, ingenuity, integrity and quality. And a can-do approach that delights homebuilders, owners of many top London addresses, architects and interior designers alike. It’s even seen us involved with celebrity homes and award-winning projects.

Of course, every business must make money. But over the years, what’s worked well for us and our clients has been prioritising quality, individuality and client satisfaction at fair prices over ‘profit at any cost’.

What drives us

Because we’re craftspeople first, we’re driven by delivering the excellent aesthetics and functionality that meet your needs. And making best use of our skills, appropriate materials and available budget at all times. Every project must be fun, stimulating and creatively rewarding too. It’s another reason you won’t find us churning out standard trade joinery. We thrive on being inspired by making your luxury kitchen, bespoke standalone furniture or special joinery. And taking the worry out of your furniture project.


From tried and tested in-house quality procedures to painstaking selection of speciality finishes, we build quality into everything our makers do. This isn’t just another soulless furniture factory and it never will be. That’s because everything we make is handmade from scratch using only the best materials and processes that your budget allows.

Having a very demanding hands-on owner-director, who started his career as a carpenter, helps too. So does our culture of inviolable quality standards and continuous improvement. And carefully building a passionate ‘family of makers’ who share our uncompromising ethos.


Great design is often invisible. It’s often achieved by the ingenuity that goes unseen behind the visible face of our bespoke furniture. It’s a secret of handmade furniture that just ‘works’ as it delights with function, form and its ability to meet – or exceed – your brief.

Such ingenuity manifests itself in many ways, including skilfully hidden fixings, novel space-management solutions, or carefully chosen finishes. Come and meet us, ask about our most-challenging projects and we’ll show you what ingenuity means to us – and clients as discerning as you.


Innovation is the partner of intelligent design, painstaking attention to detail and ingenuity. Designing and making your exquisite made-to-order kitchen or freestanding furniture is the perfect opportunity to work with innovative materials and processes.

There’s the versatility of our in-house CNC equipment and exotic veneers. And our cutting-edge liquid metal finishes and beautiful bamboo panels. Whatever we do, we pride ourselves on appropriate – always relevant – innovation. Because of this, you can count on furniture that’s distinctively different, perfectly matched to your requirements, and stunningly unique.

What we do

Discerning clients and specifiers like how we avoid factory-production-line manufacture of furniture, kitchens and bespoke joinery.

We’re sure you’ll love our commitment to make only genuinely handmade bespoke designs. Our products combine traditional and contemporary techniques, materials and finishes to perfection. Whether it’s a single standalone cabinet or a showpiece kitchen, each is lovingly crafted by a skilled team that accompanies your project from first ideas to final adjustment of the last drawer mechanism.


PRO TIP: carefully consider how you’ll use your kitchen for cooking, socialising and as a focus for family life. Then think about it some more; it’s the key to helping us give you the kitchen you dream of.

Because your kitchen will be designed from scratch, we’re ideally positioned to incorporate every detail – large and small. All we need to know is what you have in mind; and the earlier that’s possible, the better.

From aligning lighting with favourite artworks, to selecting a stunning contemporary liquid-metal finish or catering for special accessibility needs, your needs drive each bespoke design. The earlier we know what you want, the better we’re equipped to meet – or exceed – your brief.

We’re unencumbered by the constraints affecting many supposedly ‘bespoke’ kitchen manufacturers. No wonder clients love our approach. And the genuinely handmade luxury kitchens our makers craft and install for them.

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PRO TIP: it sounds obvious but please give lots of thought to the function of your furniture and how it’ll be used in the room.

From traditional designs to contemporary cabinet materials and finishes, you’re in the privileged position to specify a piece of furniture that we’ll design and handmake from scratch. It’s very different to buying standard furniture – we help you make the most of this opportunity.

Our design team and makers will be with you from first enquiry to adjustment of those precision Blum drawer mechanisms and final polishing of that glorious high-gloss finish. As mentioned elsewhere, look forward to the same team progressing your handmade night stands, bookcase or TV cabinet through to installation. It’s just how we work.

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PRO TIP: whether for a bespoke timber staircase or complete handmade kitchen, contact us as soon as possible to get the best from your bespoke joinery.

We can’t over-emphasise the importance of talking to us about your joinery as soon as possible. Planning early in the design process is key to ensuring sublime detailing. It could be achieving a neat interface between stair treads and adjacent walls. Or matching colours and finishes to existing ones. Or simply making sure your kitchen perfectly meets your family’s needs.

Decades’ experience shows that meeting our team of designers and makers at the earliest possible stage gives us the best opportunity to achieve the perfect combination of form and function. It’s what distinguishes great bespoke joinery from the merely adequate. Getting things just right matters to us – because it matters to you.

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Clients and specifiers appreciate the way we involve them in our thorough design process. It’s vital if you’re going to get exactly what you expect from your kitchen, standalone furniture or other bespoke joinery. And if you’re going to ensure seamless integration with other aspects of your project at every stage.

From first enquiry, we welcome you to our workshop to discuss the design and refine your brief. It’s never too early to get involved in the process. Doing so is a key to getting the geometry of your space right and maximising its usability. And incorporating the details that differentiate great spaces from merely ‘good’ ones.

Thoroughness is everything as we handle all relevant stages of 2D/3D design, mood boards, full working drawings and sub-contractor drawings. All the way, from first concept through ongoing design refinements, you can be as involved as you want. One meeting or regular progress meetings? Just tell us what works best for you.


As we move to manufacture, please discard any preconceptions you have about factory mass production of luxury furniture. Ours is not a production line where we mix-and-match standard modules and call it ‘bespoke’. Instead, our way is (and always will be) true bespoke furniture manufacture. Yes, everything we craft for you starts with an idea and a blank sheet of paper. That’s important because it means we can incorporate all your requirements into the design, manufacture and installation of your furniture.

Did we mention that our makers follow your kitchen, furniture or joinery through the whole process? It’s true. From panel processing and wood machining to precision dovetailing, veneering, curved finishes, spraying, painstaking final assembly and careful wrapping, our makers are trained in every process. Call in, meet them and talk to them about your project.

You’ll discover that we’re like an approachable, friendly, joinery family that’s passionate about manufacturing stunning kitchens, furniture pieces and specialist joinery. As you’ll see, it shows in everything we do.


You won’t be surprised to learn that, unlike many big-name furniture makers, we install our products too. It’s the only way to maintain quality and continuity at every stage. In fact, the team that installs your kitchen, furniture or other joinery will include the artisans who made it! Clients really appreciate how our makers see their projects through to completion; we’re sure you will too.

Naturally, we’ll respect you and your property. Details such as wearing protective overshoes, impeccable presentation and respectful site etiquette are normal for us. It all builds trust. In fact, after getting to know us, clients regularly entrust us with keys and alarm codes. And they regularly allow us unsupervised access to their homes – a privilege not always extended to contractors. We believe this says as much about us as our workmanship.

Meet the makers

All our designers/makers are accredited with relevant BA (Honours) or Higher National Diploma qualifications. We also enjoy low levels of staff turnover, which is good for clients’ project continuity and speaks volumes about working at 3rdEdition.

Everyone’s trained in all aspects of manufacturing, finishing and installing our kitchens, bespoke furniture and other joinery. What’s more, makers assigned to your project will be there all the way from first enquiry and manufacture to commissioning and after-sales care. Don’t be surprised if they end up feeling like part of the family as you discover their skill, integrity and passion for crafting your furniture.

Andrew Bint

Founder, Managing Director & Designer/Maker

LIKES: camper vans; café racers

DISLIKES: being late

Pete Robinson

Designer/Maker & CNC Programmer

LIKES: mountain bikes; the great outdoors; Dieter Rams

DISLIKES: bric-a-brac

Keelan Barron

Cabinet Maker & Workshop Manager

LIKES: Mexican food

DISLIKES: ill-fitting shoes

Daniel Espinosa

Cabinet Maker

LIKES: Snowboarding; paddle-boarding; tacos

DISLIKES: mushrooms


Tristan Grimmer

Cabinet Maker

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DISLIKES: nothing! “I’m very chilled”


Oakley, the workshop Vizsla

All round good guy

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