Painted Shaker Kitchen

Painted Shaker Kitchen

Oak Veneered Birch Plywood Kitchen with Painted Oak doors and fronts. The veneered cabinets, with the plywood edge exposed add warmth when accessing the cabinet. The drawers are dovetailed too, adding strength and detail. The single piece face frames to each run of cabinets increases space and offers a cleaner look than multiple face frames, a sign this is really bespoke.

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Very high quality bespoke kitchen – it is the first thing people gravitate towards and comment (favorably!) on in our new extension: they can’t help but touch the wood and have a nose around the cupboards and drawers!
Service was impeccable, including when onsite when they were clean, friendly and respectful.
Cost was highly competitive for such a high quality bespoke option.
Would highly recommend them to anyone considering bespoke work – these are craftsmen who know their trade.

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